Choosing a domain name is easy right? Well, maybe not always. Your domain name can say lots about your business both now but more importantly, in the future. The technical effort behind changing a domain name to something new is easy, what isn’t easy is transferring all those weeks, months and years of effort invested in the original domain name.  Something as simple as getting your existing customers to update their address books can prove seriously challenging so getting the right name from the word go can be pretty important. Check out our top ten tips for choosing the right domain name below:


Top 10 Tips For Choosing A Domain Name


1) Make it short and easy to spell – This is the first thing your visitors will see so make it memorable for that first impression. It will also help if it’s easy to pronounce so it can be shared with friends and potential customers by word of mouth


2) Consider target keywords for your business – This can help contribute to your SEO ranking. This site can help:


3) If you target a local area then consider including your town name


4) Avoid the use of numbers or hyphens – People may forget if you are using a numeral or spelling out the number, likewise they may forget where to put the hyphen


5) Use an appropriate extension such as one of the following:

.com : Open to anyone, originally intended for use by ‘for-profit’ entities
.org : Open to anyone, originally intended for ‘not-for-profit’ entities
.net : Open to anyone, originally intended for technical, Internet infrastructure sites
.biz : Open to anyone, originally intended for business or commercial use such as e-commerce sites
.me : Open to anyone, originally intended for blogs or personal sites
.co.* : Open to anyone, originally intended for regional commercial or business use such as

Of course, there are a whole range of new top level domains such as .academy, .bank and even .lol!


6) Consider protecting your brand – buy other domain permutations and common spelling mistakes to ensure your customers end up at your site even if they mistype it


7) Think long-term – A domain name is a long term investment. Changing it further down the line can be a costly decision both financially and in terms of effort expended. Before you buy consider the following:

Is the name one you can see yourself using for years?
Is the name legally available? Check trademark registers
Does the name capture the spirit of your future business goals?
Does the domain have ‘history’? If someone else has registered the domain before you then it may have a poor history which can be a difficult thing to shake. Check here to see what may have come before:


8) Check social media to see if matching usernames are available. This tool can help there:


9) Use a domain name generator for ideas or try a thesaurus for synonyms and quick definitions.


10) Speak to one of our experts for advice and guidance.